Major Update to Green Ribbon Fertilizer

Major Update to Green Ribbon Fertilizer


For the longest time, we have been working hard internally to solve 1 issue: the cost of shipping. We have a low $5 shipping rate because we offset that price by making our products cost a little more. In reality, the $5 shipping cost you pay costs us on average about 10-15 dollars. We have already required some states to pay for shipping because California, for example, would cost us up to $20 on some orders for a $15 dollar product. 

Starting after this post, we will be removing the $5 dollar flat rate shipping and doing 1 of 2 things: Have an $8 dollar flat rate for small products like the 3 pound bags or allow you to choose the shipping method. We will still have free shipping over $50 dollars. While this seems like everything will be more expensive, it'll be the opposite: our prices will be better once everything is calculated. This way, however, we can put the real prices for each product on the website without having to worry about shipping anymore. 

All in all, this will be one of our biggest changes and we hope that everyone will be happy with it. 

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