Product Renaming

Product Renaming

9/ 2/21

This week we have decided to rename our NPE 442. It's an all in one liquid fertilizer that combines all NPK macronutrients, all secondary nutrients and micronutrients along all the organic carbon contributed from humic and fulvic acids. NPE 442 contains sea plant extract, at least 6 different strains of beneficial bacteria, beneficial fungi, 14 different amino acids, as well as natural growth enhancers. 

In short it does two important things: First, its properties go right into the plant to help it grow and it can bring back if its about to die. Lastly, it forces flowering for a larger harvest.

After some research and feedback from our customers we have decided to rename our product. NPE 442 originally stands for New Phase Elements 442 but no one is really going to understand that when they look at the product. So, we are having a contest to see who can come up with the best name to replace NPE 442!

We had some ideas rolling around such as Vitality or Plant Vitality but we would love to hear your ideas! The winner will be the first to receive two free 32oz bottles of the renamed NPE 442 with a new label and the winner will be posted on our blog and on our Facebook and Instagram! Just send us an email with your idea!

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