Chicken Layer Love

Green Ribbon Fertilizer

Based on leading marketed products with years of documented nutritional value, Chicken Layer Love is a labor of love.  Combining proper proportions of protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, amino acids, and biologicals, these pellets and mealworms are lighted coated with secondary and trace elements that have been Ultra ChelatedTM so that they get into the physiology of the bird instead of just coming out of the other end.  Based on three USA patents, these nutrients give the laying hens nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle while they produce a good quantity and good integrity eggs.

As part of the nutrition package, BIO-KEELATE Calcium is included in the coating used on this product.  The benefits of our BIO-KEELATE Calcium really out perform traditional inert sources of calcium that are swallowed by the birds (very little remains in the bird and a large part comes out in the litter).  Don't believe us - check out organic fertilizers made from poultry litter.  They are low in NPK but offer a good amount of elemental calcium.  Why? The calcium from oyster shells, calcium mineral, etc. just went straight through the bird!  Your birds will use the chelated calcium in BIO-KEELATE to grow strong bones and to lay eggs. 

We strongly recommend that you also purchase our Chicken Zquirt liquid bionutritional additive.  Two-three scoops of Chicken Zquirt (scoop is included with the product jug) into a gallon of water really adds to your hens' nutrition profile and provides any customary ingredients that may be missing from their diet. Chicken Zquirt offers a full nutritional package of N, P, K, Ca, B, Cu, Fe, S, Mg, Mn, Mo, Si, and Zn, humic and fulvic acids, sea plant extract, 14 different amino acids, and vitamins A, D3, and E as well as biological bacteria and fungi. The gals don't detect any off taste and drink as usual.