Chicks Love This!

Green Ribbon Fertilizer

This crumbles product is sized so that tiny beaks can have access to needed nutrition.  A complete, non-medicated feed you can give to baby chicks from hatching to about 7 - 8 weeks of age.  Egg to Layer, Chicks love this! provides a complete, complex, natural, and sustainable feed loaded with industry-best ingredients and some special surprises (insects) that are designed to optimize feed for birds from egg to about 7 or 8 weeks of life.

While product is mostly the crumbles size, other inputs are sized a little larger in order to lead the chick to a larger size pellet that will be fed to the chick for the rest of its life.  Coated with our U.S.A.-patented BIO-KEELATE chelated secondary and trace element coatings, Egg to Layer, Chicks Love This! includes a full range of macro and micro elements, added vitamins, amino acids, probiotic additions, grit, and a deep and varied list of main grain and other ingredients.

We strongly recommend that you also purchase our Chicken Zquirt liquid bionutritional additive.  Two-three scoops of Chicken Zquirt (scoop is included with the product jug) into a gallon of water really adds to your hens' nutrition profile and provides any customary ingredients that may be missing from their diet. Chicken Zquirt offers a full nutritional package of N, P, K, Ca, B, Cu, Fe, S, Mg, Mn, Mo, Si, and Zn, humic and fulvic acids, sea plant extract, 14 different amino acids, and vitamins A, D3, and E as well as biological bacteria and fungi. The gals don't detect any off taste and drink as usual.