Hydrangea Color Influencer, GO BLUE! (Individual Bag, NOT the Kit)

Green Ribbon Fertilizer


The Hydrangea Color Influencer (HCI) is designed to allow the hydrangea grower to measure the pH in their pot or around their plants and then influence the color of the flowers produced by their hydrangea.  So after you measure the pH, you can then apply the recommended dose of the product, water and then watch your plant grow and see the flowers! 

The Blue/Purple: 

Some stores sell aluminum sulfate as a product to lower pH and influence the plant to produce blue/purple flowers.  Repeated applications of aluminum sulfate can burn the roots of the plants.  Further, aluminum sulfate can bind to phosphorous (that is usually applied in the NPK fertilizer used) and then both the aluminum and the phosphorous become insoluble and unavailable to the plant. 

HCI uses Ultra Chelated aluminum as its base.  Ultra Chelation is a U.S.A. - patented technology which encases the Aluminum ion in a large molecule designed to release the aluminum into the root hair after protection from elements in the soil which seek to bind to the Aluminum ion. Ultra Chelated Aluminum “bounces” off of carbonates, clays, phosphates, organic matter and other like-charged particles in the soil and allows the root hair to safely bring the aluminum into the hydrangea.