Magic Beans Gold Organic Fertilizer (10lbs.)

Green Ribbon Fertilizer

The movement towards organic gardening has really gained a lot of steam in recent years.  This notable effort towards using natural, back-to-the-earth, sustainable and renewable fertilizer inputs has taken root in the home gardening world and forced commercial growers to take note.  

Really most organic fertilizers use ingredients that are not very available for the plant to take in through the roots or leaves.  Over the years, we have seen old shoe leather, ground rocks, feathers, bones, oyster shells and smelly animal offal used to try to achieve the noble goal of growing organic.

We have chosen another route to bring a truly organic products that can achieve great results in your garden.  First of all, we have chosen to have our product ingredients certified by an independent group whose sole reason for existence is to certify that products that carry their seal are truly organic based on carefully tested factors.  This certification is difficult to obtain, costs a good deal of money, and must be renewed to maintain.  Our products are OMRI approved and carry their seal as proof.  OMRI stands for Organic Materials Review Institute and you can research them on the web for further information.

Second, we have chosen to sell certified organic products that actually contribute to growing good, healthy plants.  So you won’t find items in our ingredients list that may well be organic but would take years to actually contribute any usable nutrition to your plants, if ever.  

Our Magic Beans Gold product contains six secondary and trace elements that are ultra bio-available so that you can grow organic and grow well! It contains 4% nitrogen, 3% available potash, 2% soluble potassium and 6% calcium along with boron, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, and zinc.

Please make sure to follow the directions on each product’s label.  Please remember to water well so these nutrients can be activated and made useful to your plants.