I Read an Interesting Article on Hydrangeas


The other day I read very interesting article titled 'Nurturing the magic of hydrangeas'. It was about hydrangeas in Massachusetts. A women they interviewed named C.L. Fornari had started the annual hydrangea festival in Cape Cod. There are over one hundred different kinds of hydrangeas, my new favorite being Twist-n-Shouts. It...

GRF Website Redesign


Today we launch our new GRF website design. We've added some new products and removed old ones and changed the home page look to make things easier on customers. Over the past few weeks we have had comments made and people wanted us to go back to the original look...

Large and sweet figs from a fig tree fertilized regularly with NPE 442


Mrs.  Angelica Varela of Forest Park, Georgia shows off her size-of-small-hams figs from her fig tree fertilized regularly with NPE 442 all-in-one liquid bionutritional liquid made by Green Ribbon Fertilizer.  Angelica says these are the sweetest figs she has ever tasted!  [Shop GRF NPE 442]  

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Our customer received "Yard of the month"

6/ 5/20

Thanks to the Green Ribbon Fertilizer Customer for sending in this picture and congratulations!  [Shop GRF Fertilizer for Turf, Grass, Crepe Myrtles & Flowers]