About Us

Over 40 Years of USA Manufacturing Expertise

Three Generations: Maximo F. Muñoz (Founder), Fernando R. Muñoz (General Manager), Eduardo A. Muñoz (Plant Manager), Fernando RJ Muñoz (Finance), and Jose M. Muñoz (IT & Marketing)

The principals of GREEN RIBBON FERTILIZER are owners of a third generation, family-owned US manufacturing company, Scott G. Williams, LLC, located in Conyers, Georgia USA (a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia).  Scott G. Williams, LLC is a 43 year old company that has developed and sold products to some of the largest fertilizer companies in the USA and the world. NOW, through Green Ribbon Fertilizer, we make the same products available to YOU!

Since its inception in December 1976, efforts have been organized around using leading edge science and technology to create and develop innovative solutions for growing healthier plants. GREEN RIBBON FERTILIZER has drawn from over 250 years of education and experience of its scientists, engineers and consultants to become a leader in plant nutrition in the area of secondary and trace elements.

The principals of GREEN RIBBON FERTILIZER have developed intellectual property that has led to three US patents and three US trademarks as well as several technologies in trade secret status. Its Ultra Chelation™ technology resulted in a patent family consisting of an original grant in 2014 with subsequent patents in 2015 and 2016. Almost all GREEN RIBBON FERTILIZER products are formulated using Ultra Chelation™ patented technology to offer the benefits contained in this unique technology.


GREEN RIBBON FERTILIZER is committed to continue to innovate by anticipating the requirements of the horticulture, lawn and home garden and turf markets. Access to raw materials, agriculture universities, and some of the finest growers and distributors in the world fuel the innovation and product development of GREEN RIBBON FERTILIZER.

GREEN RIBBON FERTILIZER is committed to improving the delivery of nutrition in agriculture. By making the nutrients more effective, efficient and highly bio-available, more food can be grown on less land. These goals are crucial for the future. In this way, we can achieve our ultimate mission - ensure enough good food for all people on the planet.