Large and sweet figs from a fig tree fertilized regularly with NPE 442


Mrs.  Angelica Varela of Forest Park, Georgia shows off her size-of-small-hams figs from her fig tree fertilized regularly with NPE 442 all-in-one liquid bionutritional liquid made by Green Ribbon Fertilizer.  Angelica says these are the sweetest figs she has ever tasted!  [Shop GRF fertilizer for Root Vegetables, Grapes, Berries, Fruit Trees...

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Our customer received "Yard of the month"

6/ 5/20

Thanks to the Green Ribbon Fertilizer Customer for sending in this picture and congratulations!  [Shop GRF Fertilizer for Turf, Grass, Crepe Myrtles & Flowers]

Pecan tree with GRF Soluble for nut trees


Bright new leaves are called the flush. Notice all of the new growth in this 2 year old pecan tree with three applications of 13-13-13 and GRF Nut mix.  [Shop GRF fertilizer for Nut Trees]