GRF Website Redesign

GRF Website Redesign


Today we launch our new GRF website design. We've added some new products and removed old ones and changed the home page look to make things easier on customers. Over the past few weeks we have had comments made and people wanted us to go back to the original look of GRF with the collections all listed out. We heard that there were too many options to click through last time so we reduced it to just straight into the categories.

We are also introducing the GRF Boost line of products. GRF Boost is an upgraded version of our old GRF Soluble line with the product revolving around our new Ultra Booster granular instead of GRF Soluble. This means that there will be better results and greater yields for you! GRF Boost will start shipping out tomorrow, July 29th.

We also added a new liquid fertilizer, Pecan Power, that is a highly bioavailable liquid zinc that has shown amazing results for our pecan growers. 

We have also introduced GRF BLOGS, our 2 new blogs. If you haven't heard of them, we don't know how you're reading this blog post then...

We hope all of these changes help you out as customers and as always, feel free to call us or email us with any questions or comments you may have.



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