Customer Spotlight: Kevin's Garden

Customer Spotlight: Kevin's Garden

8/ 4/21

One customer of ours reached out to us to try a new trial. He purchased GRF Max Mix and NPE 442.

     If you don't know, NPE 442 has a variety of macro and micronutrients, along with sea plant extract, at least 6 different strains of beneficial bacteria, beneficial fungi, 14 different amino acids, as well as natural growth enhancers.

     Max Mix also has micro and macro nutrients but the elements combine in certain ways to really affect the plant in a positive and healthy manner. 

On June 13, 2021 Kevin applied GRF Max Mix and NPE 442 separately to all of the plants in his garden.* He did this every other weekend.

This is the garden on June 13.

After about a month and a half he had contacted us with an update photo of him standing next to this tomato plant. Kevin is 5' 10". 

This is the garden on August 1.

"I know you can not see the ripe tomatoes because they are on the north side. I had picked about six so far which is the earliest I've had tomatoes get ripe. They do not usually grow this tall either. It had stopped growing a little bit and is now starting to grow wider. I had trimmed around the bottom around the 4th of July to help it grow." - Kevin

Two tomatoes he picked behind a 9 inch fork.

 Finally on August 15


 I have never seen tomato plants so large before! A special thanks to Kevin for sending us these amazing results! 

* Do NOT combine any of our products into a hose end sprayer. This will cause a reaction.

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