GRF Compost Helper

Green Ribbon Fertilizer

Compost is really an amazing process shared by Mother Nature!  Take brown and green organic materials, add food waste and other recyclable things and BINGO, good earth ready to use in planting new vegetation!  All you need is time and the right bugs to process the waste into rich, fertile soil.

The issue, however, is this - what if the inputs (the waste leaves, cuttings, coffee grinds, etc.) that we use are somehow deficient in important nutrients our plants will need to thrive?  What if the bacteria necessary to operate the composting cycle are missing or too few?  How can we ensure a good composting experience?

GRF Compost Helper is the answer!

GRF COMPOST HELPER is a complete BIO-NUTRITIONAL natural liquid developed to provide compost piles with an engine to start the process, fuel to keep the process going , and a complete nutritional profile that will be transferred to plants that are planted with the resulting rich, fertile composted soil. GRF Compost Helper is made of inputs engineered to ultimately provide a balanced nutrition soil for plants to thrive in.

WHAT PRODUCT DOES: Vital increase of microbial action to turbocharge the digestion process and adds a complete bio-nutritional profile to improve the quality of the compost itself upon completion. 

WHAT IS IN THE PRODUCTMycorrhizae and saprotrophic fungi as well as photosynthetic and naturally occurring bacteria, including Bacillus subtilis. A full NPK, secondary and trace element package (including Silicon), humic and fulvic acid, sea plant extract and 14 different amino acids and includes 1 million colony-forming units of lactic acid bacteria to aid in pile digestion and to help control odors.