GRF Ultra Booster - The Best "Multivitamin" for Plants

Green Ribbon Fertilizer

GRF Ultra Booster is a dry granular addition to super charge ordinary fertilizer  

GRF Ultra Booster pellets are designed to aid in plant health, growth and fruit or vegetable yield.  GRF Ultra Booster is manufactured using a unique technology that is based on three U.S.A. patents owned by our parent company.  The predecessor of this product has been used for two decades at the golf course where the Masters golf championship is played.

GRF Ultra Booster is the best mix of secondary and trace elements available in the market place, with extensive trial work showing great uptakes in calcium and other difficult to report elements, and a pretty green color pellet which blends well with NPK fertilizers.  Containing 8% calcium, 5% iron, 11% magnesium,  8% sulfur, 1% copper, 3% manganese, 5% zinc, and 100 ppm of molybdenum, GRF Ultra Booster provides a great nutrition profile with varying release points to offer the plant food for the growing season.


PLEASE NOTE: Our 10 pound bags have a typo on the front label: It says 5lbs when in reality it is 10lbs. The new batch of labels have this error fixed so it won't be a problem later.