Egg-Cal : Liquid Vitamin for Hens Having Difficulty Laying Eggs (1 Gallon)

Green Ribbon Fertilizer

Hens are the cornerstone of the chicken world.  The old dilemma, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" is answered when you consider that to have a chicken you must first have an egg. Some hens will be affected in their egg production and egg quality by external factors - molting, heat stress, environmental issues, diet, etc. EGG-CAL is meant to help. 

Made with U.S.A.-patented Ultra Chelation™ technology, EGG-CAL is based on a chelated form of calcium with vitamins A, E and D3 to supplement the action of the calcium ion in the anatomy of the bird.  Chelation is one of the most bio-available forms of calcium to ensure that the calcium makes it into the organism and becomes part of the bird.  

The most common forms of calcium addition in poultry are either crushed oyster shells or calcium-based rock.  While both of these sources do contain elemental calcium, the form in which the calcium exists tends to merely pass through the bird.  One can see fertilizer-chicken-litter based products on the market which contain high levels of calcium. This calcium passed through the bird and only a small part was assimilated into the animal.  

EGG-CAL employs a more sophisticated chemistry so a little product goes a long way towards helping calcium be utilized efficiently by the hen.  Hens using EGG-CAL produce an egg shell of good integrity, good shell strength, and even bone health may see improvement.  EGG-CAL is meant to help, but this product can be used by all laying hens.  It usually takes two weeks before a difference can be noted in the eggs.