Old Bag Designs & How Things Change

Old Bag Designs & How Things Change

9/ 2/21

When we originally started selling 13-13-13, we never thought it would go anywhere and added it at the last second but it has slowly become one of our best sellers! It just goes to show you that people pick what they want to buy: not what we think they'll like the most. 

When our 13-13-13 bag was first introduced, we had only the front label made and the image was incredibly small and didn't really have any pizazz. We then went on to make the 2nd label that lasted for about a month, then to our 3rd, 4th, and now our 5th and current label. The funny thing is, we're redesigning the label again pretty soon. 

Each label redesign is tough because you want to keep the redesigns to a minimum so people can remember the look of your package. If you go to Amazon and the 13-13-13 you bought a week ago looks completely different and then it changes again in a month, your confidence in the brand might not be the best.  The problem is, things need to change and get better no matter the inconvenience it may bring. We are planning on changing the bag to be completely printed, so that there won't be any labels any more and it will be just 1, seamless design. 

We will probably update everyone when the new design is up. Hopefully, this will be the one that lasts for a coupe of years!

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