The Temporary Secretary

The Temporary Secretary


     Since we are now living in a world with the pandemic you never realize how much it will affect you until it hits close to home.  Last year, was the first time it really hit us when my mother and my grandmother got it back in Minnesota. Then it kind of blew over but when this new sudden wave started to come back is when it hit the office. A few of us had gotten our vaccines yet it still hit. If you aren't aware we have two secretaries who handle a lot of the office work, Linda and Madonna. Linda has been working here for over 20 years and was doing a lot especially to help Madonna settle in and learn the ropes. 

Unfortunately, Linda was the one who ended up getting COVID-19. Naturally, it sent the whole office into a bit of a panic. Thankfully, we all tested negative but then the worry for Linda came in. She has had health problems for awhile now and she is an older lady. While she was out of the office Fernando, our General Manager, asked me to step in. I never realized how much Linda did until I started working as her. She is the backbone of Scott G. Williams. 

When I took over in her absence I had to learn a lot very quickly and it was hard to find things because she has her own way of filing papers. She handles the orders, the bill of ladings, invoices, purchase orders, selling to customers who walk in and more. Madonna and I have been trying the best we can not fully knowing how to do everything correctly. Thankfully, there are a few around the office and in the warehouse who have helped us along. 

Now, two weeks after I started filling in and helping with GRF things are starting to smooth over. Linda is out of the hospital but she ended up getting pneumonia and is at home but now on oxygen. So Linda, get better for us, we are all waiting for you.

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