GRF Complete - The Best Balanced Granular Complete Fertilizer Available

Green Ribbon Fertilizer

GRF Complete is a blend of our 13-13-13 NPK fertilizer with our Ultra Booster granular secondary and trace element product. A coating of our Wildfire Boron is applied to complete the nutrition profile.  Nutrition is focused on getting into your plants - our goal is to fertilize the plant, not the soil.

Along with macronutrients Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus, GRF Ultra Boost provides your plants with all the secondary elements (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Sulfur) as well as the trace elements consisting of Boron, Copper, Manganese, molybdenum, and Zinc.  Please access our FAQs for a brief introduction on the role of these elements in plant physiology.

Used correctly and in average soils in average growing conditions, this product will allow you to achieve great results with your plants.  Plants should grow to optimal heights, plant structures should develop well and strong, flowers should be plentiful and well formed, and berries, nuts, fruits and vegetables should form well and achieve a desired taste profile.

Apart from the real-world experience of selling similar products in truckload quantities for over 44 years, our goal is to provide nutrition that allows plants to achieve their full potential.  This means that a tomato should taste like a tomato, corn kernels should have straight rows, limes should be plump and juicy.  While all of this is not achieved with fertilizer alone, GRF Complete will present the plant with a great nutritional package to achieve this goal.  Factors such as soil type, soil condition, weather, microbial action, watering practice, insect control, etc. will also factor Into the results of your plantings.

Simply put - this product is not available in stores.  Our parent company has three U.S.A. patents on its Ultra Chelation method for making nutrients that are highly and uniquely bio-available. GRF is able to make this leading edge technology available to the home gardener and growers through our web site. Please follow the directions carefully and enjoy your plants!
Please contact us for larger quantity pricing and availability.