Say Hello to the GRF Team

Say Hello to the GRF Team


Hey! I wanted the first blog post to be an introduction on the main characters behind GRF. At the moment that includes me (Jose) and my fiancée Kiarra. We run the day-to-day side of GRF and have been put in charge of marketing, product design, R&D, customer support, and pretty much everything else. That being said, we could never do what we do without the help of everyone else putting in their time and effort to help us on the side. 

If you've read our About page, you know that Fernando is the one that started everything off and we have him as the foundation of this new company. He's both the financial backing and the go-to person if we're ever in trouble. Without him, GRF wouldn't exist. We also have 2 more players helping out on a daily basis: Linda and Madonna. They're the amazing people that answer the phones for us and are the 1st line of help. We've had emergencies in the past that have made us have to leave and fly across the country and thanks to Linda and Madonna we've been able to do so without having major issues. 

Everyone has their role at GRF and because of this we've been able to run smoothly since our formation last year. We still have issues here and there but we try our best every day to make sure you get what you asked for and that it WORKS. We are consumers ourselves and know how it feels when companies don't care, or have their customer support be Twitter or forum based. We want to have a good relationship with all of our customers and that's why we always encourage you to email us or call us with anything. 

To end this post, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has purchased an item in the past or is thinking about buying from us in the future. You're what allows us to do what we love and have the opportunities that we are given. 



I wanted to add a group photo for the 1st post but we have a pretty good amount of camera shy people at GRF so out of respect I just added a picture of me, Kiarra, and our dog, Chloe (the GRF Mascot).

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