GRF Team's Office

GRF Team's Office

8/ 4/21

If you ever wondered where the GRF staff works, well here you go! Team GRF, along with Chloe (GRF's chief dog), all share this room together. Our room has gone through many changes in the past but the most important things remain. Kiarra's favorite thing in the office is her paint stained chair that has been a staple of all projects done in our office building. It's been there for all the repaints, the light switches, the ceiling tile removals, everything. Chloe's throne is an original piece of furniture from Farmer Fern's first house that has somehow made it to our office over the years. Jose's favorite thing is his dual monitor setup to get work done faster (or so he says).

We spend around 6 hours every day in this little office making sure everything runs smoothly at GRF while the other 2 or 3 hours are spent making the products or going out and researching ways to make our products even better. Currently, we're working on new Farmer Fern video ideas. If you don't know who Farmer Fern is, make sure to go to our How To page. Farmer Fern has put GRF on the YouTube scene and has been watched over 100 times! He even had almost 10 subscribers to be sure to watch him as he gets to 1 million in the next few years! Back on topic though: we wanted to know if anyone had a suggestion for a video that they wanted to see made. If you wanted to know more about a product, we can make a Farmer Fern video for that. If you want a guide on when to use what product or how to apply it, we can make that! 

Leave a comment down below or email us at: to let us know what we can do to help. 

Thank you! 

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