Thunderstorms and Our Internet

Thunderstorms and Our Internet


You might be wondering why our blog posts came out today instead of Wednesday. The reason why is simple: Our internet situation isn't the best. 

We work in an industrial park in Conyers, GA where our best internet plan is a 1mb/s internet... To put it in perspective: we can't even open up emails with picture documents without it taking minutes sometimes. To get around that, we used to have Clear wireless internet which gave us unlimited 4G internet and it was amazing. Well, Clear was bought out and the new service provider terminated that promotion so for the last 5+ years our internet has been solely provided by our phone mobile hotspots or our terrible little 4G hotspot that has an unlimited plan that caps at 15 GBs. After 15 GBs, the speed is throttled to the point where 1mb/s seems lightning fast. 

What does this all have to do with the blog post? Yesterday, we had a pretty bad thunderstorm and all of our phone hotspots stopped working. We couldn't publish anything. There is a ray of hope, however. A couple of weeks ago I watched a Youtube video on a new satellite dish called Starlink from Tesla. With an open view of the sky (which we almost always have) these dishes can provide 100mb/s+ internet speeds and it would be unlimited. The only problem is that they're in huge demand. 

This would help us out tremendously, especially with our phone's battery lives. We still wouldn't resolve the thunderstorm issue, but from a speed and convenience point of view, it would make like a lot easier here at GRF.

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